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Liberty Institute Mission & Vision

Liberty Institute is an independent think tank dedicated to empowering the people by harnessing the power of the market. It seeks to build understanding and appreciation of the four institutional pillars of a free society - Individual Rights, Rule of Law, Limited Government and Free Market.

The world has witnessed dramatic changes in the past decade. Although the socialist empire has collapsed, many of us think that the intellectual and ethical attractions of the socialist ideal have remained strong. Thus came the inspiration to form an organisation that would strive to underscore the intellectual foundations of a free society -- to uphold the ideas of freedom of choice and the free flow of goods, services and ideas.

The Institute undertakes a number of activities, among them research and advocacy on public policy issues. It organises conferences, and has a growing publications programme. At present, the Institute’s core areas of interest include development economics, education, environment, health, security, and trade.

The Institute particularly seeks to improve our understanding of market processes; to identify the factors that may have restricted the evolution of the market and ways of overcoming those factors; to estimate the costs - social and economic - of curbs on the market forces; to propose market-based alternatives to government regulations in the economy.

The Institute was established in 1996 as a non-profit organisation. It solicits the support of all freedom loving individuals and organisations. It does not accept funding from governmental agencies. It strives to retain its independence, demonstrate its commitment, and live up to its motto, from the poet Tagore: “Where the mind is without fear…”

Liberty Institute Board of Trustees (2004)


Mr Mohit Satyanand


Mr V.S.P. Kurup


Dr Anil Patel, social work, ARCH Vahini


Mr Sundar Daniel, social worker


Ms Tanmayee Dass, journalist


Mr. K. Jaisim, Fountainhead Architect

Managing Trustee

Mr Barun S. Mitra

Liberty Institute Board of Advisors

Mr Vikram Bajaj
Managing Director, Uncle Chipps Company, India

Mr Gurcharan Das
Author, management consultant, Chairman of the Advisory Board, Citibank India, and former CEO of Procter & Gamble, India

Mr J. J. Dutta
IFS (retd.), former Chief Wildlife Warden of the Government of Madhya Pradesh, India

Prof. Deepak Lal
James S. Coleman Professor of International Development Studies, University of California, Los Angeles, California, USA

Prof. Tibor R. Machan
Distinguished Fellow and Professor, Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, School of Business and Economics, Chapman University, California, USA

Prof. Rita Simon
American University, Washington, DC, USA

Mr Rakesh Wadhwa
Executive Director, Casino Everist, Kathmandu, Nepal

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